The K-9 Obstacle Course 

One thing we probably all agree is that exercise is a vital part of a healthy dog's life. In fact, we believe, most behaviour issues can be promptly improved with regular exercise. 

What few people realize though is that the right exercise challenges both the mental and physical abilities of a dog. 

We decided to build a professional-grade agility and obstacle course, following the specifications of the U.S. Police Force Canine Academy standards. With a generous patronage of timber from the Mole County Stores, and assistance from the good people at the Hayland's Farm in Ryde, we succeeded to set up our grand course.

Again, the naysayers predicted such a professional course would be "too hard for pet dogs". After eight months, we are delighted to report that the Obstacle Course proved to be a great success, and an invaluable tool in providing exercise for our students. 

As photos and videos demonstrate, even small breed dogs enjoy tackling the course with ease. 


This is the first time such a full-scale canine exercise course is available on the Island. 

This is the REAL DEAL, folks. 

And now you have the opportunity to let your pooch to have a go at it - for free!