The Dog101 Crash Course®

What it is 

The Dog101 Crash Course® was originally created to teach children (age 8-12) the basics of how to look after, and train their puppy. It is basically a User's Guide that should come with all newly acquired dogs to make sure the owner knows what he is supposed to do to create a healthy, well-balanced partnership with his dog.


Who should enrol

Suitable for dog people who wish to refresh or enhance their basic understanding of keeping dogs, and both adults and children who have acquired their first dog, and want to learn the basics on dog behaviour, care and our responsibilities.


Nada. Zip. Null. Except for an email address, a phone number, and a strong commitment and resilience to become a magnifico dog owner.


What the course covers

Key points of the program:

·       Knowing your dog’s breed

·       Choosing the right gear 

·       How a dog's diet influence its behaviour

·       What is a bond, and what can you do to create it

·       The Five Steps of Effective Dog Training

·       Pro and cons of the “pack leader” principle 

·       Good Canine Manners - what it is, and how to achieve it

·       The secret to walking your dog without a struggle

·       Why dogs do not follow unstable leaders

·       How your state of mind makes all the difference

The method  

The Dog101 Crash Course® is an ONLINE course, and it includes an initial assessment, a Home Study program, and a follow up consulting. It is an INTENSIVE study program. You will have thirty days to complete the course, and it is up to you to schedule appointments, and continue with your program. Meaning: we will never nudge you to proceed. You are a big boy (or girl), and you know what to do.  

The cost  

The cost of your Crash Course is £75. (To be paid with bank transfer.)