The dog school 

In the UK, the words dog training generally refer to either a private session with a trainer in your house, a group gathering in a public park, or a puppy class held on a weekday night in the village hall.

This is how a traditional dog training class is conducted:
And here is what training looks like in our school:

We, at DogTraining4Humans believe that the most effective way to train dogs is NOT indoors, but in an open-air, safe and secure, properly fenced field, where dogs can freely roam around without the risk of running away, or being bullied by an unknown dog.


In Europe and North-America, such a place is called a DOG SCHOOL.

A dog school is THE PLACE to go for advice, where dog owners can just pop in, and have a chat with someone who knows a thing or two about dogs, where both man and dog will always receive a warm welcome from the friendly instructors. It is open all year around, and it promotes various classes, such as basic obedience, re-call, lead-walk and socialisation.

A dog school is also an important ‘community outreach program’, where dog owners come to greet&meet, and attend workshops and lectures.


As we could not locate even a single dog park, we decided to build the first public dog school on the Island. We had been warned by the naysayers that a dog school would never work around here, because "the market was too small" and "people had no money". 

We did it anyway.


Truth be told, on Opening Day, in January 2019, one single dog showed up on class.

By the end of July, we welcomed our 100th student - a spectacular expansion, built mostly on word of mouth. 

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