How much...

...will I have to fork out? - is pretty much the question everyone wants to know. 


Fair enough. We all work hard for our money, and we want to make sure it is worth to spend it. 


Dog training is a different animal though (pun intended), as there are so many variables that determine the longevity of the process.  It is the same as asking a fitness instructor how long

would it take to lose twenty pounds.


It all depends, you know. 


The difference between us and other trainers you will encounter is that we do not work on a pay-by-the-hour base. Experience has proven that, for various reasons, it is not beneficial for neither the client, nor for us.  

Our enterprise is based on continuity. Basic membership cost £25 a month, and it allows you to join any class you wish to join. Fair and simple.  


We also offer our students individual training programs that we develop specifically for each and every dog and owner, depending on need, time and budget. This way you know EXACTLY how much you pay, there are no hidden fees, and we are able to calculate the time we will need to spend on your case. 


We believe that money should never be the barrier to training, when a behavioural problem, which makes everyone’s life (including the dog) stressful, needs to be sorted out. Therefore, whether you have £50 or £500 to spend, we will offer you a program you can use to improve your situation, without a shadow of a doubt.


Regardless of budget, with each and every dog we always begin with the Canine Case Assessment, which can be done over the phone or via chat, and it only cost you £20.

So if you are on board, click on this link, and let's get crackin'!


There's no time to lose.