About us
DogTraining4Humans has been created by a team of dedicated dog enthusiasts and professionals whose goal is to assist those who wish to learn how to better handle and care for dogs.


We are not rescuers, we are not dog boarders, and we are not a charity organization. We set out to create a training enterprise to assist those who wish to learn how to better handle dogs.  


We envision creating and supporting a chain of high-standard Dog Fitness & Training Centres that offer a fun, stress-free and secure environment for play, exercise, training and socialising for dogs.

This is a pioneer venture, and we all pledge to learn every day as we strive to make our mission become a reality.

Meet The Team



"Most <dog problems> can be traced back to insecurity. Not the dog’s, but the owner’s."


Director of Smooching

"There is no therapy in the world that would match a puppy licking your face."  


Head of 

Veterinary Magic

"If we call them man's best friends, we've got to give back exactly what we ask from them. No more, no less."


Fairy GodMother of Grooming 

"It's not just cleaning the fur. It's cleansing their little soul, and making them feel extra special..."