"Dogs and angels are

not very far apart." 

Charles Bukowski 

When a dog is breaking bad, 

look for the man behind - like mad!



Barney, Golden Retriever

"Dog training at best! Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves the other day in your dog school. Barney was knackered and I must admit so was I. Respect to you mate,

I learned so much from your knowledge.  

Have been using your techniques every day. Big thank you. Also cheers for all the info on accessories, leads, harness, bowls etc. you sent me. 

I'll keep you informed of our progress. Massive thanks again mate." 

Steve H., Bembridge

Lucy, Weimaraner

"My wife didn't like Bruno because he told her exactly the same  exact thing  I keep telling her for the past two years.

But at last, she seems to listen to him, because she stopped spoiling the bloody dog..."

John P., Macclesfield

Dex, Mini Schnauzer

"My confidence has grown so much and my knowledge about dogs, behaviour and recognising potentially difficult situations with unfamiliar dogs,  since we met you, and completed the “crash course”. Loose lead walking is a joy, and seldom do we have any barking at other dogs anymore... even if they are barking at us. Bruno you have given us so much of your time and knowledge. We have been so impressed by you, and happily recommend you to everyone. "

Jeanie, Paul & Dex, Lake

Betty, Choc Labrador

"The time we spent in

your dog school was the highlight of our visit to the Island. You have truly built the Sistine chapel of

dog fitness.

We learned more in an hour about how we can exercise our lab than from all the behaviourists we hired before - combined.

Tim & Charlotte R.,

Elephant and Castle, London

Holly, Border Collie 

"We spent the best time in Bruno's dog school.

His dedication is second to none. Nothing is

too much trouble

to ask of him.

Highly recommended for impeccable service."


The Murray family, Hucclecote, Gloucester 

Florrie, Scottish Terrier

"Once we began implementing the program, the change in Florrie's behaviour was imminent! We couldn't believe that it was the same dog. UNBELIEVABLE!

The issue disappeared, literally within days.

We were truly impressed.

Jane & Howard Lowell,


Buddy, StaffBull

It's like with a pit bull.

He has a devilish look, and can be intimidating

at first,

but give him  some time, and you will meet a friendly beast with a giant heart. 

He knows his stuff too... 

Charlene S.


Murphy, Standard Poodle

We did the Dog101 course with Bruno.

It was a revelation

to understand how our own actions contribute to Murphy's overexcitement.


Helen & David Lupton, Wootton Bridge

Storm, American Bulldog

We have been working with Bruno for almost a year now, and the change in Storm's behaviour is amazing. He is much calmer than he used to be. Except, of course, when he meets Bruno, because then he goes mental. They can't have enough of

each other...


   Shaun G.